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Conscience is a range of earth-friendly, evocatively designed and impeccably crafted products brought to you by Exind Corporation to adorn the lifestyle of those who nurture their bond with nature.

All our products are fashioned from 100% organic cotton, jute or banana fibre. The fibres are hand twisted and turned into yarn, that's used in the process of knitting or weaving.

The dyes we use are derived from natural elements likes flowers, fruits, barks, roots, leaves, pure herbs, red sandal, roots and vegetables; infused with untrained water from streams, brooks, rivers and the rain.

The people who create some of our products are rural artisans, using traditional skills and practices, handed down through the generations. Communities of highly committed women involved in the process, are a part of self-help groups; each comprising 12-15 artisans.

Conscience is also in the business of restoring what has been stolen, from mankind and nature. Rehabilitated women from Kolkatta's red light district are given the opportunity to chose a new job and regain control of their lives, in a caring community. Creating this product is part of a woman's journey to freedom. To her friends and neighbours still trapped in prostitution, she is a symbol of hope. The elegant products they handcraft, are expressions of the creativity that hope and restoration has released.

Conscience wooden products are crafted out of Acacia wood, sourced from ecologically responsible well-managed, renewable local forests in south India. We do not use imported wood, as our goal is to achieve a perfect eco-footprint.

Over the years, the planting of this species of Acacia has helped transform a barren plateau into a fertile forest, and has supported the comeback of other native South Indian trees.Locally grown tung seed pods are hand pressed to extract the oil that's used in seasoning the wood. The tung oil is non toxic, environmentally sustainable, safe, and protects wood from water.

Besides imparting a satin, ‘wet wood’ look, Tung oil finish renders the products naturally impervious to water.Used for thousands of years, tung oil finishes are non-toxic, environmentally safe and sustainable. Every Conscience product you buy, has specially been designed by people and for people whose living and world view is shaped by the sensitivity of their conscience.


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